Audi Logistic Park

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Audi Logistic Park

The expansion of AUDI Hungary’s activities in Győr required the creation of a new, individual logistic center based on the regulations of AUDI. Based on the needs of AUDI Hungary, the investment was carried out as a personalized development by the joint venture of A-K Construction Ltd. and Biggeorge Property Ltd., and then given to the use of AUDI Hungary by right of a long-term rental contract.

The building occupies 72.000 sqm of rentable space on 20 acre of the industrial park in Győr, and was handed over in the summer of 2013, following a long tender process and a construction with an exceptionally ambitious tempo. The logistic center, that has an immediate connection to the railway and primarily assures the run of the car factory, is operated by Panopa Logistik.

The financing partner of the project is Unicredit Bank Hungary.

The investment was sold by its owners to AUDI Hungary in 2014.