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Bécsi Corner

Bécsi Corner, our company’s real estate development in Óbuda combines the atmosphere of old ages with the innovations of technic. In the district truly unique buildings were constructed, not only in the Roman era, but even following that period, for example the XVIII century brewery with its baroque façade or its neighbor, the XIX school built in classicistic style. Together with the XXI century, the time for an environment suitable to creative, effective work has arrived too – the unity of offices, restaurants and internal garden creates ideal conditions for that.

In the course of the construction that ended in the middle of 2009, a total of 7.300 sqm office space, fulfilling even the highest technical expectations, furthermore almost 3.000 sqm of restaurant and retail space was created. Besides the preservation of the protected monumental buildings’ facades and main characteristic features as lasting value, we also focused on interiors that adapt to the needs of our age, furthermore on the aspects of high quality mechanical engineering technologies that provide possibility for personalization. Both the owner and the operator pays high attention to the use of environmentally conscious technologies and processes, furthermore to the maintenance and constant modernization of the building’s technical content.

The most characteristic member of the building complex is the last century school that strongly defines the scene of the whole square with its classicistic façade. Behind that, on the side of Bécsi street, hides the two-story baroque brewery or ‘Serház’, which, thanks to the renovation, has gained its original splendor back by now. Next to it, all the way until Sajka street there are traditional, single-floor houses, typical of Óbuda, which have also been renewed with the remodeling of the office building. The new office wing, that follows the guidelines of the older buildings in its appearance, will be built on Lajos street’s side neighbouring Sajka street. The area surrounded by houses offers the opportunity of recreation for those wanting to relax in an internal space evoking the atmosphere of Óbuda at the turn of the XX century.

The success of the development is proven by many important local and international enterprises that chose it as their headquarters. Nike, Audi Hungária, Biggeorge Holding, Home Center and LEGO can all be found amongst the renters of our offices, while our commercial and restaurant units are currently used by Budapest Bank, Drogerie Markt, Vapiano and Chef Parade.

Bécsi Corner has won the special award of the Hungarian Real Estate Alliance (MAISZ) on its 12th Hungarian Real Estate Development Quality Contest in 2010, and on the International Real Estate Development Quality Contest of FIABCI it got the first place in the category of monuments.

For further information regarding the offices, please visit our website at www.becsicorner hu.



Our renters: Audi Hungária, Biggeorge Holding, LEGO, Otthon Centrum, Vapiano.