Németvölgyi Residence

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Németvölgyi Residence

New homes in district 12.

Németvölgyi Residence is a villa park consisting of 6 buildings developed on a 16.5-hectare old growth property constructed in 2 phases. The first 3 buildings constructed on the upper area of the site are home to 41 apartments, while the 3 other buildings facing Németvölgyi Way feature 46 apartments.

Németvölgyi Residence is located on a gently sloping site that is unique, even among other developments in Buda, with panorama views of the Buda Castle. Apart from its superb location, the residential building makes up for a long-existing gap as the designer placed the focus on modern features, practicality and wholesome solutions throughout the design process.

The buildings have an innovative architectural style and exclusive look that enhance the atmosphere of the distinguished buildings in the area. The various coloured glass surfaces of the facade serve to embellish the buildings, providing them with a unique nature. In terms of its architectural appearance, the development consists of modern buildings of various sizes. No two apartments are alike in the same building and all floors have different floor plans. The mostly free-form floor plans allowed for the creation of apartments that can be easily furnished – this architectural tool led to the creation of more intimate outdoor spaces and exciting buildings.

The neighbourhood has excellent public transport access. Its immediate vicinity to Királyhágó Square and Böszörményi Way offers unique infrastructure, providing an unusually wide range of options. Everyday convenience and the easy completion of daily tasks are ensured by superb educational institutions, as well as the shops, banks and high-quality services available in the neighbourhood and the nearby shopping centre.

The BAH Junction and the Déli Railway Terminal are only two minutes away by car. Those who prefer using public transport can choose from multiple bus lines, while the transport hubs provide easy access to all parts of the city, even via metro and tram.

The apartments were designed in a customised way, according to the buyer’s needs. The kitchen furniture and built-in high-quality kitchen appliances were part of the standard equipment. In the spirit of energy awareness, first-class, 3-layer, insulated and soundproof aluminium doors and windows, ceiling heating and cooling as well as heat pumps were installed. The storey-high glass walls and outdoor electric shading provide residents with flexibility in controlling exposure to sunlight according to their own needs. Additionally, residents occupied the apartments in a smart home ready state.

The interiors as well as the immediate and wider surroundings of the apartments are characterised by convenience and high standards. Every apartment has its own private balcony complete with its own bed of plants, while some apartments have separate gardens. The top of the buildings feature roof gardens, for the improved use of space, in the spirit of creating an even greener, more pleasant environment.

Apart from the innovative, modern design, residents can also benefit from the old growth park surrounding the buildings, offering recreation across 6,000 m2in a green environment. To this end, noise protection played a key role in the planning phase. Furthermore, the underground garage offers parking and bicycle storage facilities, which also support the comfort of residents. Separate parking spaces – or in some cases, even two parking spaces – were available for purchase for all apartments. Environmental-consciousness was a key factor during the design phase, therefore charging stations were installed in the residential park for electric car owners.

The immediate vicinity of the buildings also provides a wide range of opportunities. The bistros, restaurants and pastry shops in the area offer unforgettable dining experiences, while the cinemas and cultural centres feature a diverse range of cultural events. The nearby swimming pool complex and fitness facilities, as well as massage, spa and wellness activities offer physical and mental replenishment.

The popularity of Németvölgyi Residence is proven by the fact that it generated huge interest amongst buyers even before the sales period commenced. The investment fills a long-existing gap and represents a unique level of technical quality compared to other ongoing developments. It suits the style of District XII, and is in line with its nature-friendly character as well as its high level of quality. The location is unique, as it is close to the city centre and public transport hubs, yet the residential park is still located in a prominent Buda green belt area.


Number of apartments
Size of apartments
43-149 m2