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City Collection – Paris Maison

The building is located in the heart of Budapest’s downtown, at the elegant junction of Váci and Kígyó streets. Thanks to the unique features of the environment, the financial quarter, many shopping streets and most of the touristic destinations are within walking distance, while it is also easy to approach by car and public transport.

The 1890-born corner building is rich in spacious rooms and natural light, and following its complete, also structural renovation, it enables the realization of a unique real estate development combining classical values with modern technology. By using the mansard for construction, a total net of 2700 sqm floorspace can be formed, where the features of the building, the location and the building regulations allow flexibility in choosing the functions. Therefore in the course of the development a 107-roomed hotel with 5 premium apartments will be realized.

The concept of the development is currently under finalization, parallel to the preparations of the authorization.