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Rudolph Logistik

The 22.000 sqm sized logistic real estate, located in Győr’s Rába Industrial Park, was built by A-K Construction Ltd. in the autumn of 2012, by right of a long-term rental contract and according to the needs of Rudolph Logistik. The building was purchased by Biggeorge Property Ltd. and its collaborating investors in the summer of 2013, and is still currently operated by them as a revenue-generating real estate investment.

Rudolp Logistik is a German family-owned enterprise with almost 70 years behind it, which offers logistic services primarily to companies in the car industry. The company has a total of 40 sites and employs more than 5000 people. Its main clients include Volkswagen Group, BMW, MINI, Porsche and Daimler as well, and it provides services to AUDI Hungary in Győr for almost 20 years by now.

Rudolph has first introduced its internationally well-tried supplier park concept in Hungary in the mentioned property. For this reason Thyssen, TI Automotive and HBPO are also amongst Rudolph’s under-lessees.