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Sasad liget – Your nature!

Only a few minutes from downtown, at the feet of Sas-hill: it is as natural as it could ever be. Large, contiguous green area, excellent infrastructure, personalized homes with unique layouts and spacious rooms.

Nature is the organis part of the project: buildings are only 25% of the living space, while the remaining green area is filled up with parks, front yards, resting spaces and tree-lines in between the buildings and in the surrounding streets.

New residents of Sasad Liget can enjoy the closeness of downtown and the lack of noise and busy traffic at the same time. All the important ingredients of a pleasant urban life are at fingertips in the neighbourhood: bank, grocery store, pharmacy, school, supermarket and post office.

The city center is within a few minutes by car, while Kelenföld underground station is also near. The terminus of metro line 4 (M4) is countinuously developing: conference centers, office houses and malls soon will surround the area.


Number of properties
Size of properties
42-141 sqm