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Sasad Liget – Love at first sight!

After the great success of the third phase of our residential park development, implemented on the over 10-hectare sloping hillside south-west of Sas Hill in District XI, surrounded by Beregszász Street, Rodostó Street and Nagyszeben Street, the latest fourth phase has also entered its sales stage.

The popularity of the Sasad Liget complex, rich in green parks, is not only due to its proximity to nature but also to its excellent location: the city centre is easily accessible from the site by the recently completed Metro line 4, as well as by other means of public transport and car. Moreover, the area has superb infrastructure: there are a number of schools, banks, a shopping centre, pharmacies and doctor’s offices in the immediate vicinity of the residential park.

In phase four, a total of 297 apartments in a range of different sizes from 28 to 100 m2 have been made available, designed by the Tér 64 design firm, which was also responsible for the design work of phase three. The sunny homes feature a headroom of 2.85 metres, with spacious rooms, terraces overlooking green areas, and huge windows that have been created according to the needs of the new residents. All of the 297 unique floor plan apartments of the six separate four and five-storey buildings are equipped with insulated and soundproof doors and windows, while, in the spirit of energy awareness, we have also placed great emphasis on supporting solar panels for hot water production.


Number of properties
Size of properties
28-128 sqm