Sasad liget 5

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Sasad liget – Love at first sight!

The sales for Phase 5 of Sasad Liget have commenced in the fall of 2016.

We offer high-quality, prestigious apartments at affordable prices in the over 10-hectare green belt, sloping hillside area located on the border of Districts XI and XII near the Buda Hills, south-west of Sas Hill, in the area surrounded by Beregszász Street, Rodostó Street and Nagyszeben Street.

The resident park buildings only make up 25% of the sprawling green area, while the remainder consists of front yards, parks, resting spaces and tree lines between the buildings and the surrounding streets, making the area even more attractive.

Its popularity is not only due to the first-rate and versatile architectural solutions, high ceilings and top quality technical background of the Sasad Liget complex, but also its proximity to nature as well as its fantastic location. The city centre is easily accessible from the site by the recently completed Metro line 4, other means of public transport as well as by car. The bus stop for lines 53, 8, 139 and 239 is just a 10-minute walk away, which provides easy access to the main transport hubs of both the Buda and Pest sides of the city. Moreover, the area has superb infrastructure: there are a number of schools, banks, a shopping centre, pharmacies and doctor’s offices in the immediate vicinity of the residential park.


Number of apartments
Size of apartments
27,9-129,38 sqm