Westside Residence

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Westside Residence


The development realised on an area of more than 3,500 m2 includes 212 apartments, 10 shops and – for the convenience of residents – a parking garage capable of accommodating 229 passenger cars.

The building will be constructed on the corner lot located at the intersection of Bulcsú and Szabolcs Streets. The main facade faces Bulcsú Street; the two passage blocks and the ground floor car park’s entry ramp can both be approached from this side. In line with the development plan, a 3.5-metre-wide arcade will be constructed on the facade overlooking Bulcsú Street. The building’s ground floor will host commercial areas on both street fronts and apartments will be constructed in areas with access to the inner garden. The other above-ground levels of the building will house apartments.


Number of apartments
Size of apartments
30-108 m2